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A New Way to Book Meetings For Your Group

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

A booking meeting is a special meeting where representatives from local groups meet to swap incoming and outgoing speaker commitments for their groups. Due to the pandemic, have been unable to hold our normal quarterly booking meetings for Dutchess County AA groups. Groups have been relying on their networks to fill commitments.

After realizing that it might be a while before we can safely resume in-person booking meetings, we decided to compile a confidential list of booking chairs (one contact per group) that could be shared privately with all the booking chairs in our area to better facilitate bookings between groups.

If your group would like to be added to the list, please have your booking chair fill out the form on the meeting page of our website to be added to our list and to get access to the confidential booking directory.

Please help us spread the word!!!!! You can announce this opportunity for booking meetings and exchanging speakers during the AA-related announcements at any meetings you attend. Let them know that all the easy sign up form is on the meeting page of our Dutchess County AA website.

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