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Trusted SeRvants of district 11

Not sure who you need to contact? Reach out to our DCM, who can answer any general questions about District 11 or direct you to the applicable chair-person. If the meeting information for your group needs updating, please contact our Records Chair. Contact our Technology Chair with any errors related to our district website. Otherwise, feel free to choose from the contacts listed below:

District 11 DCM


Alternate DCM




Records Chair

Technology/Website Chair

Hybrid Chair


Events Chair

Treatment Chair


Bridging The Gap


Correction Facilities Chair

Public Information


Cooperation w/Prof. Community

Newsletter Editor

Literature Representative

Grapevine Representative


Answering Service Chair

Accessibility Chair

Archives Representative

Booking Chair

LCM City of Poughkeepsie

LCM Town of Poughkeepsie


LCM East Dutchess


LCM South Dutchess


LCM North Dutchess

24/7 District hotline

We are here to help...


District Mailing Address

P.O. Box 3547, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Please use this address for any donations to the district service committee. If you are sending a check, be sure to include your Group # in the memo.

NENY area 48

Northeastern New York Area 48 AA


Hudson Valley Young People in A.A.


HVYPAA 12 Step Call Hotline

(for anyone who needs help)

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